Fan Selection

Making fan selection fast and more efficient

Fantech Ventilation are Part of Elta Group and supply Elta fans. We manufacture the best in ventilation equipment and our selection program offers a seamless and efficient process for choosing the optional fan for your application.

Download the Fan Selection Program

Navigating the Program

Easily navigate between the main sections of the program by using the navigation buttons located at the top of the screen. The program highlights the currently selected button, providing users with clear guidance on their location within the program. Additionally, a dedicated Help source is available, providing users with the ability to define common default settings and streamline the selection process.

Selecting a Fan

Allows the user to use a simple 5 step process to determine the appropriate fans, or alternatively, use a single Product Code.

Provides users with total autonomy over the criteria used to select their ideal fan.

Silencer and Acoustic Analysis

Our Acoustic Analysis tool enables users to calculate approximate noise levels for systems simply. This tool provides valuable insight into expected noise levels through our straightforward 5-step process, enabling users to quickly determine the most suitable silencer for their requirements and noise reduction strategies.

Access and save technical data easily, whenever you need it.

Easy fan selection modes: choose between basic or advanced

Energy efficient designs and variable speed fan support

Convenient file storage: 2D .dwg and .dwf project files

Money making decisions. Select energy efficient fans and calculate running costs

Integrated .pdf and excel output for easy sharing and collaboration

Online Fan Selection

Looking for quick fan selection?

Click the button below to use the online selection program and find the right fan for your needs.

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