Smoke & Car Park

The Elta Fans SmokeVent range
has been specifically developed for
emergency smoke extract

We are a major supplier of axial flow fans for smoke ventilation in Ireland. The standard range can operate as part of the main extract system, or as fans for emergency clearance in hazardous fire, smoke and fume conditions.

Unique Design

Elta Fans’ high efficiency adjustable pitch aerofoil impellers have been developed in line with the latest ErP legislation to deliver outstanding efficiency capabilities benefitting from overall lower running costs.

Quality Assured

Every smoke fan that Elta Fans manufacture is tested individually in their on-site test bay to ensure its electrical loading and vibrations are in normal operating limits before undergoing visual inspection and tip-clearance checks in their dedicated Quality Assurance Department.

Diameters from
315mm to 2000mm

Single or Two
Speed Operation

200°C, 300°C and 400°C
Operating Temperatures

A Range of Motor
Mounting Arrangements

F200, F300 and
F400 Available

Long Cased and
Short Cased

Cost Effective

Elta Fans’ highly efficient impellers provide an economical way of moving high volumes of air at low to medium pressures in standard operation. Improved impeller geometry including increased blade chord and twist provides 7% higher efficiency reducing overall energy consumption.

Safety and Control

A mechanical smoke extract system that is independent from external conditions allows emergency control of the situation by the fire services. The removal of smoke assists the safety of the occupants in the event of a fire.



All casing parts are heavy gauge mild steel sheet, roll formed and welded, then hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 after fabrication to provide a long lasting and robust construction. Flanges are roll formed as part of the casing. Motors and axial impeller are mounted within the length of the unit casing.


Motors are totally enclosed metric type to IP55, with sealed for life bearings below 160 frame. Standard industrial paint finish and class H insulation to EN 60034-5, suitable for use at normal continuous duty and a once only use under smoke operation at 200°C, 300°C and 400°C for 2 hours. Flying leads are brought out via a temperature resistant conduit system, to an external IP55 terminal box for customer cabling interface.


Adjustable pitch aerofoil impellers are provided with blades made from high quality aluminium (LM6) natural finish. Impellers are factory set at an angle to exact customer requirement. The hubs are manufactured from die cast aluminium alloy (LM6 or LM24). Assembled impellers are dynamically balanced to ISO 14694.

Quality Management

Units are certified to EN12101-3 and LPCB third party certified. Units are designed and manufactured with procedures as defined in BS EN ISO 9001. Units are tested to ISO 5801:2007 (airside performance) and BS 848 Part 2:1985 (sound performance).

Car Park Fans

Axial and Centrifugal fans
for both general ventilation
and emergency situations

The Elta Fans JetVent range includes induction and impulse ventilation models developed to operate as both general ventilation and for once-only, emergency extract mode at temperatures of up to +400°C.

Impulse Ventilation

The impulse ventilation system is based on a number of small, strategically located high velocity fans in place of the distribution ductwork traditionally used in car parks.

20N, 50N and 100N
Sizes Available

Truly Reversible or
Unidirectional Airflow

All impulse fans are
300/2 or 400/2

AC Motors

Isolator Switch or
Terminal Box Variants

Flanged or
Unflanged Units

Induction Ventilation

Induction fans are carefully positioned to direct the airflow towards the main extract fan intake points. The fans operate on well proven tunnel ventilation principles, producing a high velocity jet which adds momentum to the air in front of the fan.

We pride ourselves on our integrity
and reliability and carefully
choose our suppliers.

We have a dedicated sales team with specifically trained experts in ventilation. When you place an order with us, you can rest assured that we can cater to your exact requirements.

Features and Benefits
Better Security

The elimination or reduction in ductwork means a safer, lighter environment with better security due to the increased visibility.

No Ductwork

By adding momentum to the air, JetVent thrusts air towards the desired extract points to ensure stagnant fumes and smoke are cleared effectively and efficiently. This principal eliminates the requirement for ductwork within a car park, as the JetVent effectively transfers the polluted air, allowing for better use of limited space in underground facilties.

Design Appeal

The integral bell mouth inlet has a streamlined appearance for improved performance and sound.

Low Maintenance

With no ductwork, maintenance costs are reduced as there is no ducting to become blocked, damaged or subject to leakage.

Cost Effective

JetVent provides the scope for reduced installation and overall construction build costs compared with traditional ducted systems. The high efficiency impeller make this a very economical method of moving high volumes of air.

Robust Design

JetVent axial fans are of a robust, heavy duty construction for added strength and durability. Fan casing are heavy gauge, sheet steel, roll formed and welded and hot dipped galvanised after fabrication to BS EN ISO 1461.

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